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Default Dm5'd viking.....Lots of pics(56k grab some popcorn for the wait)

Well i was really bored today and i decided that i didn't really like the trigger on my viking, it feels alittle stiff even after taking the magnet out. So i decided to DM5 the viking.

For anybody that hasn't seen it this is what i started with:

Some of the pics are crap b/c i had to use my old camera, which sucks.

First thing i had to do was shave off some of the back around the mounting hole as the viking screws are a bit larger at the head.

Forgot to take a before pic on this one.

After shaving, nice and level:

Next i marked the hole where i needed to drill a new hole for the front screw.

Then put it in the vice and made sure it was nice and level before drilling.

First pilot hole:

Second I drill the hole to size:

now I had the same problem as the back b/c the trigger is curved and wouldn't let the screw set level.

For this I used the diamond tiped ball thingy


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