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Default Re: My 05 electra, let me know what you think

I spray painted mine... It came out ok. Its one of the finalists in the runn off vote for SOTM BTW... It is starting to flake though. I need to get it annoed.

But what you said about not needing eyes is false. It doesnt matter that it wont outshoot the hopper. There can be blowback into the neck, making it so that the ball gets chopped. Wich is all to common with Spyders. Especially with a non o-ring bolt.

I would say, change the trigger frame to a regular E-frame, put in a good T-board, put in eyes, get rid of the drop and put a CP On/Off on it(direct mount), and put an Orange bolt in it.

Thats just my personal preference for what your gun is and the way it is. I am not a fan of ACS bolts... eyes yes.


I guess the ACS bolt will work if worn in... but I dont like them still, so going back on that blowback thing, its not going to happen with the ACS bolt. Chopps wont happen I mean.

I just dont like how they function. Thats why when I bought my '03 Fenix in '04 I wanted the older one... the newer one with the ACS bolt was crap.

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