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Default 32 Degrees Whisper Barrel

original Spyder Imagine
Ricochet AK hopper
14" 32* Whisper
CIP 15* Assault Block
2004 style Bob Long Torpedo reg
Dye Sticky 3 grips
20 oz. CO2/rental HPA (3000 psi)

Price: $30 and up

Ok, i've had this as long as i had my spyder (going on 3 years now) and really does what its supposed to. if you have an electro, you're more likely going to hear the sear and solenoid click and the bolt slamming foreward and back than you are gonna hear the POP noise of the air and ball in the barrel.

Bore size: small (I use Zap Primers when possible)

Good: Really quiet.

Bad: Porting is a pain to clean.

Ugly: I seem to have a problem with 14" barrels hitting the dirt, it doesnt seem to happen to the 12" ones. if you can find a 12", i'd get that instead.

Rating: 8/10

i'm taking 2 points off because of how annoying it can be to clean the porting.
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