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Default Spyder Electra 06

Finally! A review area where I can read reviews and write them. Thanks otter!

Spyder Electra 06

Imagine my excitement as my father took me to the not-so-local paintball shop for my first "Higher-end" marker. I've read about if for days, learned how to take care of it before I had even bought it. With cash in hand, I bought the 2006 Spyder Electra with eyes. Now on with the review.

PROs:Simplicity: Being a blowback, it is like any other Spyder. This makes for a very easy to maintain marker for the new guy.

Blot: The bolt is derlin, a plus indeed. It is easy taken out with pulling the pin and sliding the bolt out. This makes for quick disassembly and reassembly of the marker.

Eyes: Having eyes makes the Electra fire a higher ROF with minimal chopping. I've had two chops by my own error (gravity feed hopper and bouncing with the eyes off). Although the eye logic isn't the best, it is fine and does what it is suppose to. The board is a newer style Spyder board, capped at 30 BPS. The board will only has semi and full auto with an eyes on/off button.

Rocking trigger: Either you love it or you it. I like it, although I don't shoot much faster then with a regular blade trigger. The board allows 30 BPS, although the internals and the fact that fingers cannot move that fast limit this feature. I will be picking up the VerC board when SD comes out with an Electra 06 compatible one.

Two Piece rifled barrel: I have yet to see and difference in accuracy with the rifling, but the barrel, although loud, has been very accurate in all types of play. I have yet to barrel chop. There is virtually no recoil. I haven't had any recoil problems.

Regulator: The regulator is standard on the 06, and operates at 500 - 800PSI, although I am running at 300 with no problems. It works great for a stock regulator, and I have yet to have liquid CO2 sucked into the gun at high rates of fire. (Using an un-antisiphoned CO2 tank)

Looks: Athough looks are opinion based, I'm sure everyone will agree this is the best looking Spyder out right now. (Until the VS) Although I really liked the blue/black on the 05, the gun metal grey just looks amazing. I'm keeping the outside of the marker stock, because I don't want to ruin the look. (Will be going LP soon, all internal)

CONs:Rocking trigger. Most do not like it. For those times when I cannot use it, I'll be picking up a referbished Imagine to use it's trigger frame.

Drop Foward: Bad, terrible angle. I'm either gonna keep it on, or get a rail. It's fine for now, since I've gotten used to it, or I might heat it up and bend it myself.

Stock board: Limited features. No bursts, and the eyes only work in semi auto. Can be fixed with a new version of the VerC made for the Electra 06 coming out soon.

Recommended:Yes, if you DON'T want to own an Ion, but still rip, then I would say go for it. Try before you buy though. There are better markers for the money, but I didn't mind buying this. I get comments all the time, from both my Tippy and Ion friends.

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