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Default Kingman Spyder 2-in-1 (example review)

the colors are limited. and so is the body styling. nothing fancy compared to the Spyders release at the time of this writing.

the grip of the marker is made of a polymer. so adding heavy duty bottles and drop forwards is not recommended. adding an e-frame would work. or, replace with a metal mechanical trigger.

Operates like any other Spyder. it is a blow-back open bolt marker. it being a Spyder, pretty much all the products sold for a Spyder will fit.

an excellent spyder for the beginner. this will get the player into the game. with room for improvement.

the 2-in-1 has a meaning. it means that you can attach the bottle to the grip and use it as a stock. or, attach the bottle directly to the VA in the verticle position.

in my opinion, this is a great marker to start with for those wanting to jump right into modifying the marker. like turing it into LP. maybe a scenario games project like a dual marker setup.

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