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Default Re: Why they keep shooting?

Originally Posted by TacTownKilla
lol if you ever walked up to me like that i would put 5 in your chest haha, but seriously how many times did you get shot walking up to this kid?
Not many really. He didn't shoot me at all cause I think he knew something was up. We were in a position where I had flanked completely to there right and literally either behind them or parallel to the back player's. One of the reason's he stayed in is cause he didn't know where it came from cause I was way ahead of the rest of my team! I think I took maybe three hit's the most as I just had to get up and move past two bunker's and I was on him! Heck the shot's might have even came from my teammate's after I think about it! The kid was probably the same height as me but was a "big ol boy" but blah whatever verbally taking them down a notch is load's of fun!

I could almost say that this is a recurring problem in recball at one of my field's but I believe those situation's are being taken care of better now!

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