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Default Re: Lucky Stage 4 Ion Board review...


well, I installed mine tonight -.-

After opening the plastic bag I immediately noticed that there were no barbs on the noid head -.- and had to transfer them from the TBoard's noid to the Spitfire's. I was not happy about fat fingers+4mm tubing=*****y me

But...while installing it into the frame I noticed that the Spitfire slides in much easier than the TBoard ever did (and still does). The TBoard is very tight much so, I worry about snapping the board when putting it back in. That's not the case with the Spitfire.

I'm going to try and get Air today, if not...Tuesday. My Ion has NEVER tasted CO2 and I'm not feeding it to it now.

The instruction sheet that comes with it is an 8.5" x 11" paper, tri-folded and printed on both sides. It's a lot easier to read and understand than the TBoard's manual is (not that I had a problem but a lot of people *****ed about the T's manual...). I'm dying to try it...
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