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Default Lucky Stage 4 Ion Board review...

Ok I got the new Lucky board in today and it is amazing. I am going to post this quick review and as soon as I get some free time I will post a new video showing the board off.

The box the board came in was nothing fancy, no metal tins. At first I was slightly confused. It came with the board and battery harness in one bag, the Mac noid and connector in another bag, the hoses and the new Lucky Green rear banjo in yet another.

They do not have the noid attached to the board, at first I was upset, but later realized how awesome it was. The about 6" connector on the noid allows you to take the frame and body apart with out taking the whole board out. Nice feature. Since all the hoses are attached to the noid it is not a big deal.

As for hoses, they are connected to the noid using metal barbs, a HUGE plus. There is a new hose that is needed to connect the noid to the new rear banjo. It looks like a small QEV combined with the banjo. I am speculating that the noid sends air out through that banjo, as there are no other holes in the noid.

The board has a stock plug for the membrane pad if you wish to add one.

Here are the pics of the assembly, the middle banjo is not there because I use a QEV. The front banjo and eye wire were not provided.

The board has four dip switches on it. One is for the tourney lock, a second one is for the eyes off ROF (set to 8bs, but this can be changed if you turn off the dip switch, and the 3rd is for anti-first shot drop off, if you want to use the feature you put the switch on. The 4th is not used, I am guessing for future programing. The switches are not used to program the board, that is all done via the trigger.

The LED on the board is insanely bright and very easy to see outside. When the gun is powered on, Instant on by the way, the eyes are set to on and the LED is BRIGHT Green. If there is no ball in the breech then the LED goes red. If there is an issue detected with the eyes, the LED goes yellow and the ROF is dropped to what ever you set it. I love that feature, you truly should never chop a ball with this board. You can manually turn off the eyes as well and the LED is blue for that.

The board has more modes than any paint baller would ever need. I am not going to bore you with all the modes, it does all the biggies Semi, Ramp, Full Auto, it also has a few nice ones. Training mode, similar to that found on Egos, so you can practice walking, and a Demo mode for firing the gun indoors with out paint. It is very easy to set the board from the trigger. One of the other very nice things the board has is Quickstart modes. There are seven total and they correspond to most of the tourney standards. With only a few trigger pulls you can set your gun to for ex. PSP Ramp (capped at 15 bps) or CFOA Semi (capped at 15 bps).

I took the gun to the shop and did a very quick test to make sure everything worked. Aired it up with no leaks (always a plus) Fired a few quick dry fires and loaded up the hopper. Because of time I only tested the gun on full auto. WOW it rips. The gun had all the stock settings, except, put it on uncapped and I had to raise the dwell to 16 (from 12). The board has a nice feature called test shots, it lets you shoot 3 (or how ever many you set) shots in semi before the mode you select kicks in. It also has forced shot so you can force the gun to shoot even it does not see a ball in the breach.

So with all that I am VERY happy with the board. As I go through and dial it in I can only expect better results.

Look for a video coming soon and if you have any questions about the board let me know.


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