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Default Re: Store Links and Reviews #2

4- because they didnt have the items in stock when they said that they were. and because it took them a month to send my order

heres the story

ordered $377 of items on 6/31/06, they emailed me back saying they didnt have alot of items, so i removed the items and bought from Drefish(which was awsome), they then re-emailed me saying that the pack i wanted was only in large for the size and yellow for the color, so i removed that item and bought from shadowx (which again was awsome). they emailed to my reply saying that my items were now in but im gonna have to pay shipping since its less than $300. so at that point i was very angry. i then added some more items to my order to make it exactly $300 just to piss them off. i just got an email 5 hours ago saying the tracking number and its on its way to my doorstep
it is not 8/8/2006

took them 1 month to get my order right

it still hasnt gotten here yet
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