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Default Re: Naughty Dogs go SP...

Now, the rumormill also has it that Avalanche may be moving to SP as well. No proof of it though, just rumors - and I'm not trying to spread them because there IS NO PROOF OF IT!!!

I think it's sort of good, and sort of bad, for SP. May boost sales for awhile, but when you have so many top dogs in the sport playing for the best dog house, someone is gonna get mad.

I see a lot of the old "hate SP" coming out on several different forums about this, but what I've seen is a company that isn't trying to promote the sport, but is out to make money by USING the sport, which is perfectly fine with me. Name another sport that doesn't use money to make money. Nike uses big name athletes and pays big money, same as Gatorade, Reabok, to name a few companies, and of course the teams are doing the same - look at the Chicago Bulls back in the day, the Chicago Bears, (not picking of Chicago, just the two that came to mind) and my own Yankees, the Florida Marlins, Arizona Diamondbacksamong others. If you want the best, and want to make money at the game, and can afford the best, then by all means, go get the best. That's my philosophy.

It's like choosing Kraft Mac n Cheese or the .33 a box Mac n Cheese. They don't taste the same, only people who can't afford the expensive say that!
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