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Default Re: Naughty Dogs go SP...

It work's that way... to an extent! I'm in the marketing field and I can tell you right now that a company that get's too big too quick and get's deep pocket's can come crashing down! Been there done that.

From a marketing point of view dishing out money for every single top team is quite stupid! Picking up some team's is smart but not the top four! It's a gamble if you start dishing out your deep pocket's it will bite you in there rear!

This is coming from somebody that has already had experience with a company that did the exact same thing but in a different field! One year record sales with a huge payout in profit sharing the next year chapter 11 bankruptcy!

It's just not a good move especially since 2005 sales halted in the paintball industry. They didn't raise and they didn't lower but 2005 was the first year in year's that there wasn't a substantial increase in sales in the paintball industry which has a lot of companies worried!

Just my opinion though.

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