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Default Re: Naughty Dogs go SP...

Originally Posted by chubb0rz
everyone forgets ultimate ...those boys def. do have some skill
Rookie to pro in a year? Never been done before... They've got MAD skill, but little experience... Which is why they got ROLLED at Chi-town last year... After Chi, a few of the players got pissed and left, but still... I heard there was supposed to be an Ultimate Shocker sometime, but I don't think that ever came out... Their homefield is where they hosted the CFOA Hot-lanta Classic last year... It's a great facility... But yeah... Ultimate is hurting as a team at the moment... And as for the going broke from sponsorships, the only reason for sponsorships is advertisement. I can almost guarantee you that SP spends more on magazine ads than it does on its sponsored teams... With the exception of Dynasty, who are getting salaries...
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