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Default Re: My team just got sponsored by Empire

Originally Posted by chubb0rz
also dont get caught at events wearing other sponsers gears...saw a few teams turned away by their sponsers at cup b.c they had on the wrong gear
Yep, me and chubby saw it first hand checking out the Empire tent. The guy said "You are on an Empire sponsored team, you need to be wearing our stuff." He was wearing Dye pants.

I don't want to bust you bubble, but getting a sponsorship from Empire/NPS isn't THAT difficult. Do decent locally and they'll sponsor you. You have to buy their packages, which they sell to you at a discount because you are becoming a billboard for them. There are easier people to get sponsorships with, though, so it does take something to get a deal from them. Don't expect much at all from them, and they aren't gonna be making you shoot certain guns. Empire doesn't do gun sposnorships, they just do gear. If I had to pick any gear to wear though, it'd be them. I love their Fast Packs. The team I was on didn't waste time trying for sponsorships because our local shop gave us pretty much the same deals we could get from companies.
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