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Originally Posted by durrell
I also want to start lifting but I just have this feeling when I lift at the Y that everyone is watching me so I think we might pick up a weight bench for here at home...
Durrell, I know exactly how you feel. I joined a local gym, almost a year ago, and when I first started going, I felt inferrior to everyone there, and that I was being watched too. Thing is, that eventually changed. The more I went, the more comfortable I was whenever I did go. Just like shunut said, just the fact that you go and are making an effort, nobody can blame you for that. Thing is, sometimes when your working out, you get so focused you forget about everyone around you, and just become focused on what your doing. Ever thought about bringing music? That can help keep your mind off everyone around you, so you can focus on your workout. Other than that, Good luck
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