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Default Re: Ethiopia Invades Somalia?

...Intelligent conversation means "please know what you're talking about"

Originally Posted by viperx6x9x
problem is we have a foot in a few of those conflicts. We're already at war with iraq, just got through with ghanistan.
We aren't through with Afghanistan and the war against Iraq has been long over. Welre involved in fighting an insurgency made up of all kinds of people, but we are actually working WITH and HELPING the Iraqi government.

Originally Posted by viperx6x9x
Dont forget not too long ago we had troops in somalia and that turned out like a smaller scale version of iraq#2. they had weapons capabilities we never dreamed theyd have, we basically thought they had rocks and sticks, and a few bb guns or something. but no they had rpg's. Who knows if we'll get drawn into messing with somalia again.
Yeah, I mentioned the UN/US pull-out back in 1993. No, it wasn't anything like Iraq. We knew what was going on, it wasn't a matter of the Somalians surprising us. Also, before the Battle of the Black Sea, a helicopter was shot down by an RPG and food stores were being taken from the people. Go read up on that operation and the history of it. You'll find that US policy is much different now than when Clinton was in office.

Originally Posted by viperx6x9x
Who knows what these other countries have that we didnt know about. We got a chance of going to war with iran, which puts us in theatre with israel and lebanon.
Um...Iraq and Afghanistan are on two sides of Iran and Iraq is in between Israel and Lebanon...

Originally Posted by viperx6x9x
NK's new missile can theoretically reach us soil, so we gotta worry about them and thus china as well. I just hope china ends up on our side cuz they aint no joke. Russia is kinda run down and worn out and selling off military technology to keep from goin completely broke, hell their the reason most of these little countries are now nuclear players, but i still dont count russia out either. We all think france is a bunch a P(**&^S but who knows. Then Italy and Germany are some old players in the war game but so far havent seen any aggression from them.
Where is any of this going?


Originally Posted by viperx6x9x
oh well, heres to hoping their nukes are tippmans, and ours are Ego's or Shockers or something.
Please...stick to not politics...
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