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Default Re: Store Links and Reviews #2

I used FBM to anno a couple guns for me. Only reason I used them was because they were the only ones who said they would do what I wanted. I will never, ever use them again. I will use house paint and a brush before I send anything to them. They have had my stuff for over a month now and can't give me a date that it will be finished. 2 Weeks ago I was told they'd be done early to mid week the following week. Tuesday I was told Friday. Today I was told they might get it done today, this weekend or early next week. When I mentioned that they've had it for over a month it didn't seem to bother them much. So regardless how awesome the anno comes out I will never use them again. Their customer service absolutely sucks and customer service can make or break you, regardless of your product. So put a big fat - for them from me.
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