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Default Re: Making your own lighter microswitch

7. Now, take the prong on the right of the assembly out.

With your pliers, bend it DOWN just a smidge, again, not too much as the contact needs to move between the two.

Reinstall the prong. Push down on the button to see if you can hear a click. If you can't, you bent it too much and need to bend it back up a bit. Notice the angle in comparison to the rest of the switch - not too much, not too little.

8. To finish it up, snap the cover back onto the microswitch. MAKE SURE to have the contact plate pointing at an upward angle, if you removed it from the switch to bend the piece. Then resolder the microswitch back to the correct wires (per Otter's tutorial) and slide the switch back into the gun. Replace the switch pins and then reinstall the trigger.

Voila'! You have a lightened switch. Now, test it out. If it's TOO touchy, you need to go back into the switch and bend one of the contacts back out a little. As I said, it's going to take some experimentaion on your part, but it works, and you get to say you modded your own switch - and saved 5.00!
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