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Default Making your own lighter microswitch

Ok, since we can't seem to locate Dragon's old thread about this, I decided to make my own. I've done this several times, but you might need to practice a few times before you do this because if you bend it too much, it's very touchy! Of course, you can make it less touchy - it's trial and error, after all! Sorry for the blurriness of some of the pictures, but it's my crappy camera - yes, I had it on the flower thingy for up close pictures! Feel free to ask if you have any questions.

First of all, go here to follow Otter's instructions on how to install/remove a microswitch to get it out of your grip frame. I personally don't remove the switch since it's not necessarily important with this mod.

You'll need these tools to do the job. Hammer, nail punch (or nail, or something to remove the pins for the microswitch, needlenose pliers and an Xacto knife (or something thin enough to pry the cover off the switch.)

Ok, before we start, note that I (nor Kingman, nor anyone else for that matter,) am not responsible for anything that will happen with this modification. If you wanna do it, do it at your own risk, don't come whining about MY modification if you shoot someone's eye out.

Let's begin!

1. Tools you need: Hammer (I prefer a small finishing hammer, but any will do,) nail punch or a nail or whatever, pair of needle nose pliers and an Xacto knife, or something that has a thin enough tip.

2. Remove the grip frame from your gun using the allen wrench.

Then remove the grips. You'll need to remove the pin for the trigger and the two pins for the switch using the hammer and the punch.

3. Remove the trigger and pull the microswitch through the front of the grip frame. Here, you can decide if you want to remove it from the wires or leave it attached.

Now, for practicality purposes, I'm using a switch that has been completely removed from the wiring.

4. Using the Xacto knife, pry up the ears on the side of the switch - one on each side. Be careful not to cut yourself! Also, take your time, because there are 3 metal prongs, a spring and a button inside there. If you lose any of them, you have to buy a new switch.

5. Now, there are 3 ways to do this mod. You can bend one of two different prongs, or stretch the spring. DON'T stretch the spring! Once you stretch it, you can't compress it back to it's original size.

Note the prong on the far left side. You want to bend that just a bit so that it's at a bit of an angle. NOT TOO MUCH or your trigger will be extremely light. You can try to do it without removing the components, but I find it's quite a bit easier to just leave it inside the box. However, if you take the spring/prong/contact component out of the shell, make sure not to lose any of the pieces! Also, when reinstalling, make sure the contact is angled up. Personally, I'd just leave it in the shell and bend the contact with an allen wrench or the pliers.

6. You want to bend the top left prong just a smidge so that there's an angle when compared to the straight edge of prong. Not much, because it will make it too loose! Kind of like this:


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