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Default Re: Ethiopia Invades Somalia?

You are thinking about it to much. Think about it this way instead. Most of Asia relies on US to buy the stuff they make. We rely on them to make stuff cheaper so our companies can have more profit and further perpetuate the pursuit of wealth. All the big players have a delicate symbiotic relationship with each other.

If someone started popping off nukes we would 1) end up killing more people than we though 2) we would destroy the only thing that supports our most basic needs EARTH!! Everyone knows this (at least those who have nukes) and if they did originally know I bet one of the big players told them.

We need to look at these little skirmishes as just warring politics and will
resolve themselves with devastating results. If the world really wants us to
step in, they can ask. Until then, let them finish what they started. We do not need to act as the Police....That is what the UN is for.
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