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Default Re: Ethiopia Invades Somalia?

Originally Posted by TheRedBarron
hmm so lets say that Iran jumps in on NKs side
They just had a story on Iran being involved with the missle test (at least present) Me thinks that we need to first get our people out of countries that are fighting.

We had a hard enough time moving people out of New Orleans but yet we expect the government to get them out of fighting countries.....Let see what happens.

WW III....doubt it. The amount of technology we have now will limit that ever happening. In the first 2 WW we had no choice but trench war fare and fighting with very limited weapons. Now we have the ability to pin point a terroist in a house among other homes and plant a bomb on his good for nothing, 0 virgin havin @$$. With that kind of ability do you think that most of the world got the message that we don't mess around when we find what we are looking for.

PLUS- I really don't want to pay much more for a gallon of gas!!!
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