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Default Re: Ethiopia Invades Somalia?

Now I can see this going down...

NK Pisses off China enough for them to take their funding for their weapons away. Midget boy is angry about this so he throws a "rock" at Japan this in turn makes us join in since we HAVE to protect Japan, but wait, someone who is pissed off at us enough to wage war just like NK? hmm so lets say that Iran jumps in on NKs side, China is scared of us as we are them, they join up with us... not only are you looking at nuclear war you are looking at world war my friends.

chances of all of this happening all together... .01% but that is how world wars start, one thing leads to another, some treaties are signed protectorants are pulled into it, it gets crazy.

what this has to do with african war? no idea, I dont think they would get involved in somthing to the scale of world war.
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