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Arrow Re: Ethiopia Invades Somalia?

Ethiopia & Somalia are prolly like throwing rocks and **** at each other -

NK is just a little midget trying to get some attention because he has small babalones, we still know he has small babalones -

US and Afghanistan was over in the blink of an eye. -

Iraq was business that should have been taken care of last time we were full force in the mideast. Since we were there again full force why not put Adolph Hussein where he should have been for the past 16 years?

Which leaves Lebanon and Isreal. Like they have never been at war before. Isreal prolly needed to get rid of some of their old technologically antiqued war chest. Why not throw it at a country that has been a continual pain in their butts for years? Now they have a reason to spend more $$$$ on new schtuff -

Worried about WW3? USA.....China......Russia <-------any of those go head to head and you may have your dubbya dubbya tri. Until then all of the others just make small ripples soon to be stabilized and forgotten -
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