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Default Re: Support Thread version 2.0

Well, time to wake this thread back up again, LOL!

I started back at the gym this week. I had said I wasn't going to, but the working out at home wasn't cutting it, and I was hurting my legs and heel even more by running on the concrete and asphalt, so I gave in.

(Little history as to why I quit the gym: The previous owners had a deal where if you were a teacher, you got a big discount for yourself and your family. When the new owners came in, they got rid of all discounts - although it's rumored that some people have the "in" on discounts - see the town's society people. The owner is a sister to the 2nd wealthiest man in town, so go figure.)

Anywho, I want to lose a LOT of weight by this time next year, would prefer to lose 10 pounds by the start of school - which is in 26 days (CRAP! Time is flying this summer!) I know 10 pounds is a lot to ask for, but I've dropped 5 this week which I've discovered isn't water weight, because I'm sucking the water down like crazy. I would LOVE to drop 20 by then, but that's too much to ask, I know. I'd be happy with 5, because I know the slow and steady thing.

My workout - On M, W, F, I'm taking the workout I learned on the DVD thing I did last year and using the gym weights. Low weight and high reps, because I don't want to be bigger, just more tone. Easy sets, takes about 20-30 minutes to finish everything with stretching incoporated. I stretch between sets of 3-4 different muscle groups worked. Then, I hit the treadmill for a 20 minute run (which will be stretched to 30 in about 3-4 weeks,) stretch again, then hit the eliptical runner for 15 minutes (will move up to 20 in 3-4 weeks.) Then it's the sauna for 10-15 minutes.

On T, TH, S, I do the treadmill and eliptical thing, then am thinking of hitting the stationary bicycle for another 20 minutes. Then it's the sauna again on Tuesday and Thursday. Sunday is my day off (also paintball day for now.)

I've really enjoyed this week - I go in the mornings before I eat (try to hit the gym about 8:00) then come home and eat some cereal and skim milk after a shower. I just need to watch the eating after supper and in the afternoons.

Keep your fingers crossed! I'm hoping to drop 30-35 pounds before it's all said and done. Like I said, 5 pounds already taken care of, so I have a good jump on it.

BTW - anyone ever hear of The gym is participating in it, and it sounds kinda decent. For like 20 days, they're offering a free trial. You can download a personal fitness trainer's voice onto your Ipod OVER your own music score and they'll walk you through a plan developed just for you. You get to choose a trainer you want from like 50 known trainers for like 21.00 a month. I haven't done it yet because she never gave me the card with the access code on it, but it sounded pretty cool!
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