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Default Re: Drying Out Electronics

Completely dismantle the controllers, take out the buttons and wash them off, take out all the parts that cant get wet and take a mildly damp cloth/paper towel and wipe it off. Leave the controlers out to dry on a paper towel and just make sure not to get any luiquid on the electronics.

The problem with salt is that it will leave residue on the controler and will eat away at it. Same as it does to metal. So your screws WILL become rusty if you leave it in salt. (First hand experience)

I have had cola spilled into my PS2 controllers before and I have had to rip them apart numerous times to repair/clean them. I have never tried it with an X-box controller before though.


Oh you said suspend above... Idk if that will do anything more then what normal air would do. With the TV and DVD remotes, see if you can take those apart too. Some of the more expencive ones you usually can unscrew, others you might have to pry/pop open. Your not going to get rid of the stickyness by just whiping off the surface. The buttons are still going to stick on the inside because there is a rubber layer with the key pads on them. This rubber layer is in there because people know that stuff like this happens alot and its to protect the circut board. The only way you really clean it is to dismantle it.

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