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Default Re: im also getting robbed!

Originally Posted by bigred76
A .44? Pfft, sissy. Gotta go at it with the flare gun: a .454 Colt.
and it's .454 Casull...not Colt...if you're going to try and insult me or impinge my gun savvy, do it with the correct facts... A Colt may be chambered for the .454 but the Casull is the true name of the round and the original firearm created for that round (w/ get my point). It's distinctiveness is it's solid, NON fluted cylinder and single action loading gate...and the fact the cylinder's diameter is larger than a .44 and only holds 5 rounds (ass opposed the the .44's 6)

or a .460 or .480 Ruger or a 500 Corbon....they are double actions....quit while yer behind and GTFO..........LOL

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