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Default bombers tech shop

Hi, I am just making everyone here aware of my services. I've been working on paintball guns since I started playing about 3 years ago, and most people have told me i should open my own tech shop, so I am. I've mainly worked on low/mid end guns because the people with high end guns know how to work on them "well in most cases".

My services.....

Completely breaking down and cleaning all guns

Troubleshooting and Repairing



Normally no one will ship for a trigger job but I charge $5 dollars.

Complete break down and cleaning $6 dollars.

Repair $ 5 dollars + cost of parts.

Engraving $ 15 dollars an hour.

Customer pays shipping to and back

Standard fees for shipping from usps are normally less then $5 dollars for parcel post.

I am not responsable for anything lost or damgaged in shipment, if you are worried about this, I reccomend you insure your package.

You can reach me here thru pms, AOL- bomberpilot07, or my email-

my feedback!
got tech?

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