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Originally Posted by shunut
Here is me at almost my pinnacle before I got sick. I think I was at about 155-157 in this picture. I peaked at 160 in December. This picture isn't he greatest but you can see the muscle development in my neck/shoulders. I'm actually bigger than I had ever been before in that picture. I didn't think I was that big but since I've been sick all my friends have started to comment on how big I was getting. Even my best friend said one day in the locker room when I took off my shirt he thought to himself "Damn! Josh is getting big!" He said he didn't say anything because he likes giving me a hard time so I push myself harder. Now that I've lost all that muscle, I realize how big I actually was. I'll get back there and then surpass it.

isnt that the pic u have on ur myspace and everything else??

eh i just discoverd this going to the gym everyday, im 6' 5" - 6' 6" ish and i weigh like 230....somewhere around there....maybe a little less.

what do u think i should do to loose some wieght and add some there anything you all suggest i should do?

loose wieght as in loose fat weight, and add muscle weight

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