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I've been going there but can't seem to find it OR get help...only thing I've found out is that:

#1 - I need to get a new bolt (Angel LCD or A4 Universal - soft face), Volumizer kit
Angel force MT Trigger
on/off ASA (duh! As if I would ever own a gun without one ever again! )
Newton Evolve Kit
Get it flied....

#2 - that Angel IR3's use high pressure, and 04 Speeds use low pressure - nothing about 04 speeds

#3 - that 04 Speeds came out BEFORE 04's.....go figure

and #4 - that in 6 months, everything on the newest Angel becomes obsolete and almost impossible to either afford or find to replace....

It's like pulling teeth getting help either there OR at PBnation....but I'll figure it out.
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