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Default Re: Why they keep shooting?

I really don't care if I get BB, it would be my fault for moving slow plus it pumps me up for the next game (in the serise we play in the next ame is within 10-20 minutes). I do BB if you are slow on geting up or I see you point at one of my men on the way back to thedead box. I have also used these slow people for shields while I did a run through , not my fault your in the way. Also if you are at the 50 and decide to walk through my line of fire then I feel for you.

What I do hate is people who shoot to get a 1 for 1 call. We had a team enter the snake and when he poped up I shot him in the mask, loader, and marker. Ref called him out and when he stood up he turn and shot me. I got called out as well. Next game I turned 5 markes on him on the break. Guy looked like a Florida orange.

Rec. ball I won't over shoot unless you bring an attitude and show complete disrespect for the players or refs.
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