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Default Support Thread version 2.0

We had this thread on the other forum; Vike started it to help him when he was trying to lose weight. I miss it because I was one of the few who posted regularly on there.

So the purpose of this thread if you never saw it on the previous KUSA is to support each other on our life endeavors in weight loss/gain. Let everyone know what your goals are, if your having trouble reaching those goals, need help making a workout routine, need feedback or ideas on supplements, ect...

I'll start us out:

Due to the holidays I haven't exactly been sticking to my workout routine. I've still been going to the gym almost everyday but the drive just isn't there right now. I got another year membership to the gym for Christmas and hopefully after New Years I'll be able to get back into it. I'm maintaining my weight and actually last night on flat bench did 195 lbs twice without a spot. That was at the end of that workout. I started at 115 lbs, did that 10 times. Then 155 lbs, 8 times, then 185 lbs 6 times and finally 195 lbs twice. I'm almost positive that I can put up at least 200 lbs now, if not more. I'll give that a try next week because I'm going to try to max out next week, just to see what my numbers are at the beginning of the year.

So, chubz, vike, qaz and others, how are you guys doing?
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