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Default Re: Please Read...especially Minnesotans!!

Originally Posted by Pitbullfan76
1. Where are you located (city, state)? Maryland
2. How far do you travel to play?i go to one field thats about 70 mins away, but that because i like that field, i go to ones that are also 15 mins away but they aren't as nice

3. What type of paintball do you play (speedball, woodsball, scenario, etc)?all/any, and as much as i can
4. What equipment do you use or would you like to use?spyder, Matrix series, id like to have an 06 ego that i maybe picking up
5. How often do you play? as much as i can, some months thats every weekend, sometimes its not at all in a month
6. What do you like about your local paintball dealer / playing field? friendly, there are alot of the owners so sometimes they go on the field and play with us, or even give some of the newer guys tips and how to play the field, that kinda stuff, also has AMAZING prices...i get in for 15 with all day air, and paint is a mere 40 dollars.

7. What things would you like to see in a paintball facility? good atmosphere, rules that are placed, and inforced, a proshop maybe

8. How much do you spend a month on paintball gear, paint, etc? id have to say if i go every weekend of the month, 200
9. If given the opportunity, would you be interested in entering local / amateur tournaments? yes, id be the first to sign up but i dont live in minnesota

10. Before purchasing your equipment, did you ever rent? i rented once, got a tippmann 98 custom, said ok i dont wanna play woodsball, got myself a spyder, and now i have a Pm6

11. How many people are in your average paintball groups? if i go for fun with my team say 5 if i go with a friend of mine that goes every now and then, but he has large groups like 30 ish people
any questions PM me

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It just occurred to me that "bad company" may be a terrible name for a team sponsored by only one company.
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