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Default Re: Oh Noes! What paint to use!

I have been ordering X-Ball Bronze and Silver off of Pbgear and I have never been happier.. The Bronze tends to be a little small (.685).. But I just got an order in yesterday with two cases of X-Ball Silver and it is a perfect .689.. Fits my .689 Redz Pepperstickz One-Piece perfect..

Also, It is $39.77 a case for Bronze, $41.77 a case for Silver, and
$42.77 for a case of Gold.. I haven't tryed the Gold yet, but I intend to..

I shot couple pods of the Silver and it was AWESOME! Shot very straight, didn't break any, and I was hitting the same spot of a tree from about 75 Feet away..

I say try the Bronze and Silver, They are both good..

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