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Very cool info, thank you,

I have used a few different types of PB's and I have had great success with accurcy on my gun and my chikdrens guns with Draxxus Dusk balls, these are a little more pricy then the bucket of balls you can by but it seems when I by the buckets they seem to break more often and break easier and not shoot so strait.

I have made the rules and safety the #1 priority to my children, these are not toys by any stretch of the imagination. Safeties stay on "and the guns came with barrel plugs" untill the match starts, if tagged your saftey goes on and you sit untill another round starts, I told them if they shoot at others not polaying or in a match, cars, homes, animals, etc, thier guns will be taken "FOREVER" no if's an's or but's about it.

I want this to be something we can do together, and if they choose and get good at it and wish to do tournies that I would back them 100% but with this comes great responsibilty.
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