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Default Re: Matrix Websites

Originally Posted by Paradox313
i dont trust you
i bet your only 15 or so
your going through puberty
you are angered easily
i was mean to you in your WTB PUMP thread
you want to get revenge
you tell me the matrix site works so ill be out 800+ bucks

thank you come again
What you cant tell i was joking? Your attemp at a person attack has failed though. Next time you might want to find out some background info about me.
I am not 15 or so.
I went through puberty many years ago.
I am a laid back person.
I really do not care that someone that i never met was mean to me on the internet.
I do not want revenge, I was mearly showing you that something someone says is not always a clear joke.
Matrix sites dont cost 800+ dollars, that is the lure they are cheap.

For the record these matrix sites do not work.
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