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Default Re: Wrath ltd vs. Ion

Here's a bit of history 101 for ya!

The Wrath actually came in after Odyssey's attempt to replace the Dragun T1 (which The One kit for Spyders actually came from. Remember, the T1 came BEFORE the kit...and in my opinion, was a bit more superior than spyders with the kit installed - but I digress.) Odyssey also tried to clone other Dragun guns before WGP sued all "cocker" manufacturers, like Dragun, Odyssey and Psychobalistics, but then they sort of disappeared. I don't even know if they're still around, actually. They did improve upon the design by making it possible to run Co2 in their guns - there's a video somewhere of an Odyssey covered in ice from Co2 and when it thaws out, it's just fine...pretty cool!

Anyway, the Wrath came out shortly after the Ion to help fill in the gap in the mid level range, and I think, and shortly before the Promaster. It's actually funny, because people complained about the T1 saying it was worthless, just a low end Spyder clone with a crappy EP kit thrown in and not a "mid-level" gun, but then started snatching up the Wraths and Odysseys as soon as they hit the market.

The Odyssey - I can't remember which version - looked the same and had the exact same operation as the Dragun guns - all of the them....When they didn't become successful, and the Ion showed up, Diablo took the T1/Odyssey design, remilled the body, I believe stuck in a different solenoid with some kind of capacitor (I saw one the other day - it was a LOT different than my T1s were) and maybe a couple of changes and started selling it.

Unfortunately, the only Wraths I've seen have been plagued with problems right out of the box - but then that's only 2-3 total. The first few Ions I saw had problems as well, but were more easily fixed than the Wraths (they had to be returned or exchanged.)

Personally, I say try them both out and see which you really like and get that one!
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