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Back to the subject since we went way of course. Yes, quality means nothing in an unskilled person's hands, but I give the benefit of the doubt and assume he can take care of a marker. In that case he should have no problem with the marker as long as it isn't of lesser quality and breaks down out of his control. I've seen some cruddy pumps at the field, and no they weren't Brass Eagles. The thing is, I don't know which ones they were. Someone bigger into pumps would know that. I've had experience with Mavericks/Trracers and Phantoms. Beyond that I know little. Which is why I only share what I know. If indeed he has no idea how to take care of a marker, you're right, quality won't mean jack.

Edit: Dunkel, head on down the Pump Forums on here, and ask this question, you might find more answers.
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