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Default Re: Newbie in paintball

as everybody mentioned, screwing in the adjustor will create more tension on the main spring. this will hit the valve open harder and will stay open longer. because it is open longer, more air is released and higher velocity.

unscrewing the adjustor will have the opposite results. less tension on the main spring to force the valve open. the valve is open less. therefore, less air is released.

some may suggest cutting a loop or two from the valve spring, then stretching the spring to original size. this will work in increasing the velocity. however, this will significantly weaken the spring and over time, will be a useless spring.

i suggest a spring kit. particularly a 32degree kit. these have 9 springs. though, only 6 are useable for your maker. 3 are for the main spring replacement. 3 are for the valve spring replacement. here is a run down as to what they will do.

Valve spring replacement:
strong spring = lower velocity
medium spring = stock spring velocity
weak spring = higher velocity

Main spring replacement:
strong spring = high velocity
medium spring = stock spring velocity
weak spring = lower velocity

*no problem mixing combos of springs in the marker to get desired effect.
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