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Default Re: Wrath ltd vs. Ion

Well, a friend of mine just bought one and he LOVES it.. He has shot 4-5 cases through it and he cleans and lubes it after every time he plays.. He lubes it will Tri-Flow and Dow 55...

I have shot it also, Very nice marker.. Has PSP ramping and Semi stock.. The barrel is ok, About like the stock ION barrel, but it is 14 inches instead of only 12 like on the ION..

The only thing about it is, that it wears out ball detents pretty quick.. After about 3 cases he had one of them wear down.. But he called NPS (manufactor of Diablo markers) and they sent him 8 pairs of detents for free.. So, he just replaces them as they wear out.. He runs a Reloader B also, So I bet with an Eggy, it wouldn't wear them out as fast..

Other than that, GREAT marker... The stock Reg is The same as a BL Torpedo on the inside.. It gets +/- 3-5 over the chrono Out of the box..

Throw a New On/off W/Rail and maybe a Barrel kit.. You are set!

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