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Default Re: I got someone to surrender today!

Sound's like you had a great day Vike!

Yeah the 3.5 oz tanks are great I ditched 12 gram's altogether since your already at a crutch by playing pump.

Lol I love it when people underestimate pump player's. We had a game up here I didn't know anybody and they were going to play woodsball on somebody's property. They questioned and snickered at my phantom and started showing me there rt tippmann's. First game 8 on 8 I wiped out 6 of them just cause they kept posting on me way too long lol.

If you have to use that paint anymore here's what you can do for a homemade detent cause I've had to use that Diablo your talking about before. If the ball roll's out of your smallest detent ring (silver .679 one) then don't use them. Instead take a piece of electrical tape about 3/4 inch long. Wrap one edge on the outside of your barrel back and fold the other side into the barrel but pinch the piece going inside just a little bit to form a crease. That way you have a large detent inside your barrel that hold's the ball in place but gives to let the ball go through when fired. I do this all the time anymore with my sniper as it's very effective and doesn't hinder accuracy. I don't even bother with my barrel kit anymore I just use my boomstick and the tape detent.

Actually I think it's better than a barrel kit when you do a lot of running on the field cause you don't want ball's to be too tight in the barrel for chop's and you don't want them too loose or the roll out. This method eliminates both problem's and let's you be more aggressive due to not having to worry about rollout's/ball breakage etc. etc.

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