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Default Re: I got someone to surrender today!

Originally Posted by vikingshadow

Now, I'm not sure I could put 4 in someones skull that close up - but I sure would have put them somewhere painful, LOL!
If you're refering to the last experience I mentioned, I didn't pump 4 into his noggin. I put my barrel there initially to let the barrel do the talking but me tinks he didn't get the message. If I'm that close, I normally aim for the posterior. If not then about anywhere will do -

In the day, when a paint check was called all action stopped until the ref decided whether it was a hit or not. Once during a paint check this chick came up behind me(at the same inside place) and at point blank range, shot me 4 times in the kidneys. I was out for the rest of the day after that one and I did alot of cussing before I left lol -
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