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Exclamation Re: I got someone to surrender today!

I never surrender anyone no matter who they are and how close they are. I tried it a few times a looooong time ago and got whacked in the face(bare skin) the first time and the second time was in an inside place. I said surrender and the guy turns around and shot at me from across a machine in the old factory we were playing in. I started $#@*&^%$ and shooting at him at the same time(this was the pump days) and he turned around and started running away from me till I blasted him a few times in the back. Never spoke the word surrender since. I don't expect people to give me that option either. I will turn around and shoot if the opponent doesn't -

Oh ya, here's a good one. We're playing that inside place and my friends cousin somehow gets on the other team. We're in the middle of the game and his cuz is laying on the floor behind a steel girder. While his attention is the other way I snuck up on him as he's out of paint grabbing for his paint tubes. I sticks my marker right up to his head and yells SURRENDER! He just continues to fiddle with the tubes trying to stick them in his hopper. I said once more, YOU BETTER SURRENDER MOFO!(not in those exact terms) The ass still fiddles so I point blank pumped 4 rounds into him. He called himself out and hopefully learned his lesson about a friends surrender. I have no idea what he was thinking at the time -

BTW, nice surrender job Vik. Don't expect it to turn out that way every time though lol -
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