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Default I got someone to surrender today!

LOL - it's not the first time I've done it, but it's the first time with a pump, and without paint! Hahahahahaha!!!!!

I decided that I wanted to play today, so I go out to the field and there are about a dozen people out there. Of course, my shocker is down and out right now, so I pull out the Phantom. Right away, I hear about 4-5 of them snickering and talking about how they're going to need to back me up, blah blah blah....The 2-3 people that I've played before quickly told them that I didn't need back up and that they better hope I get on their team, but I just sort of shrugged it all off and went inside.

The first game, everyone wanted to play speedball. On the way to the field, these guys are talking about how they want an extra guy because I have a pump - sure it's cool looking, but I can't "machine gun," hey it's the term they used! LOL! I told them not to worry about it, I can take care of myself. The ref (a former teammate of mine) just laughs at the other guys and divides us up. We get to the field and the first thing that happens is they want me to run to the 50 because I'm not wearing a pack with "bullets." I tell them I should probably stay back, because the guys I know that are playing are pretty decent and will most likely focus on me...

Ok - this is trouble for me. Still not totally used to playing with the Phantom, and to make it worse, I have the dinkiest, tiniest paint known to mankind and even my smallest detent ring won't hold it in. Even worse than that, I left my harness at home with half my pods, so I'm poop outta luck outside the tubes I can carry in my pockets - about 7 total (it's all I had with me!) So, I make it to my first bunker after I managed to shoot a guy (one ball! Yay!) and while I'm standing behind it, I pump my gun and the ball prompty falls out. Great! So I have to arrange myself so I won't get shot, then re- pump it to load a ball. Unfortunately, unbeknownst to me, I had one in the breach already- I snap out and fwump...the balls go about 20 feet and drop. Dang! I run to another bunker, because I start taking some heat. Meanwhile, all these other jokers are dropping off like flies - it's down to me and one other guy. I managed to snap another guy, and the dude left on my team hit two more, and then we ended up winning, because the other team ran out of paint and called themselves out. WTH????

I went through all seven of my tubes (70 balls plus the original 15 in my gun,) and only managed to shoot may 40 times due to paint falling out and shooting with two balls in the barrel. Oh, and my cap on my feed tube came off with one of my tubes, but I didn't know it, so when I spun around, the whole tube emptied out. Yeah, that kind of day!

So, then they want to play in the woods. I say, ok let's go! This is the fun part. This 12 year old kid tells me to stay with him because he'll "protect me because I just have a pump." I probably shouldn't have done this, but I laughed and told him maybe I should protect him! He laughed, but it was one of those laughs that was just polite - he stuck to me like glue, of course always BEHIND me...

So it comes down to me, this kid and one guy from their team. I've managed to lose the kid, and I found the opponent and was stalking him for about 5-10 minutes, never really having a clear shot. I managed to poke a few at him, but he never really saw where I was. Unfortunately, I've had the same problems with paint rolling out my barrel and double shooting, etc. so I was getting low on paint. Well, this kid suddenly pops and and shoots at me 3-4 times and manages to hit me once, but it didn't break. I got pretty upset at him and zinged one near his head - I yelled at him, "Don't shoot me, we're on the same team you idiot!"

Anyways, I sent this kid around to where I know the guy is going to shoot at him, and I send my last three shots at him. Then, while he's shooting the kid, I run up to about 15 feet from him yelling, "SURRENDER! SURRENDER! SURRENDER! SURRENDER, OR I'M GOING TO SHOOT!" He sort of panicked, threw up his gun and yelled, "I surrender!"

I was laughing my butt off, because I was totally out of paint! He looked at me and said, "You're joking!" I showed him, and he said he'd never fall for that again...Come to find out, I had actually hit him earlier in the game, right on the hopper, but he thought we were playing body shots only. (He's a bit of a noob about some things...)

The rest of the games were pretty dull, but I never got shot after the kid on my own team shot me! Pump play is sort of stressful, but pretty fun. I used my 3.5 tank all day today - I'm really starting to like it a lot more than the 12 grams....

tldr: I played today, shot a few people, made one surrender when I was out of paint.
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