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Default Re: 03-04 shocker?

Yup - that's correct. However, some of the earlier 03 versions came with a delrin bolt - which was soon changed to aluminum. The delrin would scratch and cause air leaks...if you buy an 06 shocker, you're actually buying an 03 shocker that was made in 06. No difference because it's the same exact style. RUMOR - see rumor - has it that the 07's are going to have an HE bolt and clamping feedneck, but then again, probably not...

I'm currently in a love/hate relationship with my Shocker. Best gun I've ever shot (especially with all the ups I have in it) but I just found out that I have to buy a new solenoid - I think. The wiring harness didn't help. So I can't play with it this weekend, and it looks like I'm out ANOTHER 125.00.....I HATE when it isn't my fault that a gun breaks down....
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