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Default Oh Noes! What paint to use!

Well, in light of the many, many, many, many posts lately as to what kind of paint is your favorite/fits insert name here barrel/has the best fill, so on and so forth, I've decided that maybe it's time to start a post like this. Now, all this stuff is going to be on Otter's site (here, as a matter of fact) but it this is more like your opinion....

So, here's how it works. It'll be just like like the best stores thing. Tell me the name of your paint and the manufacturer, + or - as to whether you like it, and any additionl information like what barrel you think it's good for.

For example:

Diablo Nightmare .679 (good for kits with small bore sizes, bad for others.) +

I'll try to keep a master list up top so that instead of people asking, they can just look at the beginning of the thread.

May be work, but let's give it a go!
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