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Default Re: On Line/live Help Thread

Some people forgot one, so I'll put it out there:


Expertise: Varies by the people in the room at the time, but usually the combined knowledge covers everything about almost every kind of marker, hopper, paint, air system, etc. Simply ask, and if noone knows, then it usually will be looked up by someone.

As for me:

AIM- armedfuture
YIM- armed_future

Markers: Um, virtually all of them except those clip-fed scenario markers (the ones like the RAP4's) and I know a little bit about pumps. If I don't know the answer I know the places to go to find out, so long as the asker is willing to wait a couple minutes.

Hoppers: All of 'em except the Quantum, Warp Feed, and "Turbo Loaders."

Air Systems: almost all preset tanks I know, and some adjustables as well. Again, if I don't know the answer right away I'll usually look it up if you give me a couple.

Barrels: What do ya want to know? Lol, I know of almost all of them, their costs, and how well they shoot.
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