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Default Re: On Line/live Help Thread

Well, I'm hardly on aim, but if I am:


familiar with:

Spyder (any blowback clone or not) - LP, home mods, upgrading, blowback questions - just about anything and everything
Dragun T1 - Anything.
Wrath - clone of T1 (or not - it's almost exactly the same, and the T1 came first - so I know quite a bit.
Ion - a little bit - I've fiddled with a few since I've had teammates with them.
Shocker - just about anything from modifications to electronics (ironic I can't figure out what's going on with my gun right now, though!)
Angel - a bit, just need to ask to find out if I know anything about the problem.
Pumps - I'm learning right now, so I may or may not know the answer.

loaders: Eggy, Reloader B, Halo B, Gravity feed and QUANTUM - yeah baby!
Equipment/Gear: A whole lot - just ask!
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