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Default Re: Did You Know?

Originally Posted by timmyshoota
Yeah, Lucky is in a different position than Scenario Dreams. While SD pretty much has the market, Lucky has a different segment of the market, so selling to Virtue along with selling their own makes them money on both ends.

And yes, that was Virtue that did that, which is why they are banned from PBN.
Not necessarily. The stage 4 will utilize DM4/5/C chips...but not necessarily a Virtue chip. Aaron does sell the Virtue DM chip on his website...but also sells a Code X and the Rocky Knuth NOX chip as well. The unique thing about the S4 will be the noid. According to Aaron, it's going to be a "more robust" (handle higher ROF??) creation and it's being made as we speak (this I know from an email I recieved as one of his mods)

...and Virtue is also banned from PBReview as well....
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