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You must have been reading BSNation again.....stop - it'll rot your mind. It's like holding a fart in - it moves up your spine, makes a nest in your brain and then all you get is ****ty thoughts...

My virtue board IS NOT, I repeat, IS NOT black, or spray painted - it happens to be green and not spray painted green either. I hate the BS revolving around boards anymore, and the crap that forum has been spreading because the company did some advertising tactics that backfired is pure hypocritical - I mean, 90% of that board is false and scamming - now I know we have a PBN mod here, and I apologize to him right now, but that's how I feel. Unfortunately, I feel the urge to visit there at least once a day to see if I can learn anything's a sickness! /rant

So, what's your proof of this, other than seeing it on another forum? Here's my take and it always has been - an aftermarket board is a board is a does exactly what it's supposed to do. Give you various modes, some legal, others just for fun. I absolutely HATE the board vs board crap....
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