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Default Re: G-MAX Shocker

Mmmmkkkk, whatever floats your boat, there claus - it's my opinion that I prefer the hybrid over this. To me, this one's just plain ugly.

I'm also saying that a lighter shocker doesn't do it for me. A shocker is already lighter than anything I have ever owned, and most of what I've ever had a chance to shoot.

However, since the subject of looks came up, all shockers shoot pretty much the same, because it's the same operation, pretty much the same psi and dwell and such. I've shot several different shockers - the stock (mine), 3 different dynastys (2 with the EVOLVE bolt and I don't know what the 3rd had), a Ton Ton and a Nasty - and there wasn't a bit of difference in any of them when compared to my stock bodied shocker with all of it's ups (although the dynasty felt bulkier and heavier to me.) Really, when you break it down, the only real difference from one shocker to another is the look of it. So I guess most people choose the one they like the best looks of.

Personally, I still think the stock body is the best of them all - and a ton ton frame adds a little more style to it. Just my opinion of course.

However, we do agree on that hybrid bolt guide.
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