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Default Re: I have a MAJOR leak....

Ok, I got the leak fixed - had the endcap on the solenoid upside down! Same dang thing I did with my T1 solenoid but I honestly thought I was doing what ZDS was saying to do - I must have misunderstood it for some reason because I actually MADE sure I put the endcap back the way I did (although it was wrong.)

Thanks to a post on (All the posts here were helpful as well, so thanks for those!)

Now - I can't get the solenoid to actually fire the gun. Board is fine, microswitch is fine, just can't get the solenoid to click. I'm HOPING that it's just the wiring harness which I ordered today - hope it gets here by Friday. Otherwise, I think I'm gonna have to get a new solenoid - 125.00 from punisher's....YIKES!
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